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31 in 1 Acrylic UV Gel Manicure Nail Art Set


  • $3870

  • Great for professional and home use.
  • All you need for making acrylic and UV gel nails!
  • Package includes: acrylic liquid, nail polish remover, acrylic french tips x100, nail clipper, cuticle pusher, points toe cottons, sheepskin brush, cuticle push, nail art brushes x 5, No.2 engraving nail art pen, brush, nutrition oil, light oil, softener, UV gel x 3 (white/clear/pink ), polishing wax, acrylic powder x3 (white/clear/pink), nail polish remover, UV topcoat, desiccant, clipper, No.2 nail glitter wheel, fruit flower nail glitter wheel, nail art file, nail artsquare buffer, nail artcircular buffer, nail art buffer.

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